*Since I posted this last year my mom completed her time with us and has peacefully moved on.

Week 10 – Offence or defense?

I had challenging week which I could have made worse if not for The Master Key journey.  Mortality is hovering over my family. I am blessed to have both my parents still with me on this plane of existence. In their 90’s, they are in their 72nd year together as husband and wife.couple-7  They are slowing down as The Universe decides where they shall go next.

Being part of this journey brings a certain level of comfort to me. I refuse to even imagine these days without what I have been learning within the MKMMA.

The introduction to Part Ten has kept me mesmerized.

”…nothing happens without a definite cause.”

“…every effect is the result of a certain definite cause,”

 And when an ordinary person “…seeks to console himself with explanations and excuses.


By not being a present-aware observer the average person does not understand personal responsibility.

By detaching ourselves from the event and tracing back to the true cause we will be better equipped to make better decisions thus using our ability to respond… to take responsibility. We stop thinking in only self-defense.

When we have knowledge of cause and effect we are able to share in the Natural Laws.  There are Physical Powers such as gravity and electricity, Mental power, our ability to think, reason, act etc. and Moral and Spiritual power, being one with our Source.

We are all proactive in a sense. We can choose to do or feel a certain way or we can decide to allow an outside force to choose what we do and feel. My point is that by making the choice ourselves we take responsibility, take action and move forward.  The bigger the leap the further you go.


When your desire is intense you’ll jump in the water. You’ll figure out how to swim once you’re in.

You can’t swim in midair.

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  1. Nancy O

    Lost my dad right at this time last year. The timing of the MKMMA was perfect for me at that time, and helped me a great deal. Blessings to you as you remember her this holiday season.


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