Week 1; Being true to yourself

This being my first real blog I realized that I must be honest. I have not written any truly meaningful material in many years. And that is where I should begin.

I have found that being true and honest is so much easier than the other choices. I know that the simplest way to keep the facts straight is to just remember them. I am too old and too lazy to force myself to remember anything other than the facts.

This is paying big dividends for our Network Marketing business. When talking with many people in the course of doing business meetings the key to remember is that all things being equal people will choose to do business with someone they know, like and TRUST. And the quickest way to lose that trust is by not being honest. People can always sense when things are not on the up and up and once they do you are DEAD IN THE WATER.  You may as well pack up your stuff, pay the check and leave. Whatever you say after that moment is not going have any impact other than dig you a deeper hole.

Conversely, this goes for the person you are talking with. Do you want to be in business with someone you can’t trust? One of the big perks of having a network marketing business is the ability to pick and choose who you want to work with.

The bottom line is don’t compromise your integrity for some quick dollars. We instinctively know right from wrong, truth from fiction, up from down (just threw that in to see if you’re paying attention).

To paraphrase what John Maxwell said so eloquently, Make each day a masterpiece by making each moment a masterpiece. Do the right things and you will always have the right results.

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One thought on “Week 1; Being true to yourself

  1. vonmasterkey

    HI Sokil: Well to the group, I can understand where you is come from about being true to yourself. I been there. We have to be in accordance with who we are and what we believe.
    If we know and love our self we will find it effortless to be true to our self.
    Just as we cannot love anyone else until we love our self, we cannot be true to anyone else until we are true to our self.


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