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Miracles? Look around!

Miracles? Look around!

Have you ever wondered what would it take

to get…to achieve…to become…to create…ANYTHING?

I was one of the vast majority of humanity who was stuck.




Now there were moments in my life when things would come together even better than expected. I would either look around dazed at how it all came together or I would get ego-puffed up and think I knew that would be the result.

Truth be told I had no idea how things happened. I would see people accomplishing, with a ‘happy knack’ anything they would state. What was the trick? How was it the Universe would mould to their every whim? What were their tools and how in the world did they utilize them?

Through a long series of seemingly unrelated events I was blessed to be told of this half-Polish, half-Italian, all American from Boston, Mark Januszewski. He not only had this incredible toolbox but a method of using every tool to the max.

The best part was that he was and still is sharing this message with the world.Your greatest life!

The clarity I have in direction, method and mindset is all due to being guided by this Giver and equally giving team.00824514295541c9cf6e0128c2b8f47d









Not only did my wife and I experience this but we have gone on to share his teachings with many others and are now able to use his tools and methods to guide other adventurous souls. People, like you, who believe we are put on this Earth to make a difference. A Difference in not only our lives but in the lives all whom touch.

The adventure/experience happen only ONCE A YEAR and the time is only 5 days away.

The Master Key Experience (#MKX) is about to open up for those who are ready for personal greatness.make a smile

Imagine being given a head start in the human race. Now is when to register to get first glimpse and what’s in store.

Here’s your connection to the Universe. Your greatest life!


Your thoughts are always cherished. Please share.


The ONLY reason to explore MKX

 There is  ONLY one reason to explore the Master Key Experience.

Do you have a reason to get up each day?


Is it to live with purpose, on purpose?

I’m not talking about getting up when you still want to sleep. Going to work on a job that you tolerate. To work for and with people you wouldn’t have a coffee with elsewhere. To a few precious hours with your loved ones.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, then you owe it to yourself and all the people in your life, present and future to at least look at The Master Key Experience.


There is a reason you are on this earth. Most people strive and stumble through life looking, or not, for their own reason.

In one month The Master Key Experience will start accepting scholarship applications.

You can receive early notification when this will launch by simply filling out a request on this page Here…or not.

You see, this is your life, your future. I am living my dream life in Costa Rica with my incredible wife and equally amazing son because of the work I did and guidance I received in the Master Key Experience a few years ago.

 You have been born…That’s one day.

Are you ready for the other most important day of your life? Only you can make this journey.

Your comments and thoughts are always cherished here. Please share.


My MasterKey Experience MKX Loves YOU!

Who loves you, baby? Master Key Experience, that’s who.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that there’s more to life than where you are now and where you’re going? Or, the big connection is just out of reach, around the next bend, over the next hill, etc?

past futureThere are many programs around that paint a rosy picture that all you have to do is think and dream and wish really hard and you will have everything you want. To make things worse if you aren’t achieving your goals they admonish you for not trying hard enough.

Come on now! It’s your future. Why would you do anything less than all you can?

Truth is simple. A dream without a working plan is a nightmare.

dream but

We all have dreams and the Master Key Experience provides the plan and tools. You provide the work.

As with everything in the universe there are balances that are in place to keep all the parts moving properly. All are in relation to each other. You need up to have down; over here to have over there and there are pros and cons to The Master Key Experience.

What I found is that my life, to this very moment as I am writing this blog, is the grand accumulation of EVERY choice I have ever made in my life. Here’s the good news and the bad in one statement. I have choices…always. We all do. I don’t buy the excuse “I had no choice.” We make our choices based on our perceived consequences of the choices. Handle it!

Let’s be blunt. Do you have the cojones to accept that you are in charge and there is no one to deflect your results on?

My family is living our dream life in Costa Rica because we tipped the quantum mechanics of the Universe in our favour.

be the change

As Ghandi stated so emphatically, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Not choosing is still a choice.

What are you doing (or not doing) to influence Your Future?

What will you gain?

You will take control of your life.

Create any reality within the natural laws.

Live in harmony with your surroundings.

The downside is;

Only you are responsible for your circumstances. No finger-pointing.

You must choose your thoughts wisely 24/7. They are your reality.

You will need to keep up with the pace you create. Watch the road and all the signs.

Be one of the early birds to be notified when the new classes will start by sending us a request using the form on the top right of this page.

As always, your thoughts are cherished. Feel free to share them.

What should we ask for?

What should we ask for?

I will start by acknowledging a lapse in blogging. This is not an excuse or blame but acceptance of responsibility.
As my time with Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World enters the final week of the Scroll Marked X I have given myself to engaging in my new DMP. So much is coming to me I am consumed with gratitude; to feel the drive and passion again.MountainOwl2

The prayer and preceding scroll stress a very critical component to life’s journey. We do not hear cries for wealth or bliss or even love. All these are earned through this one request,



I must become worthy and capable of the opportunities placed before me. This is where I ask for guidance. I accomplish everything of value by following guidance. This commitment is unwavering because persistence evolves into habits. And good habits create blissful lives.

best youIn my life I am constantly having moments of Guidance from The Universe. The choices I make at every turn are the results of following guidance or not. Perceived failures are there to guide me in a different, not a new destination.

Every journey with a clear destination is a series of adjustments, most small but some enormous.

I love guidance!

I am honoured to be trusted as a Master Guide in the Master Key Experience. To guide a new Guide who is guiding a tribe of scholarshipped travelers on their personal journeys.

Are there untraveled paths in your life? Do you know why?

Find your personal guide here.

Your thoughts are cherished here. Please share.


Week 23 – Self-Reliance, a good habit

The paper by Emerson on Self-Reliance is a powerful yet challenging to follow masterpiece of logic. Over the past few months I have been seeing the results of the mental work we have been doing. There are two points that have been resonating in my mind. I have been looking to put these thoughts into words and share with you my observations.blame game

The first point is comparing blame and responsibility.stop blaming Where does each of these actions lead us? Of what value are they in our journey? Let’s first understand that in our blueprint we start with thoughts. We know that thoughts become things so make your thoughts good ones. These thoughts are then fueled by belief into actions.

Let’s study blame. Blame is defined many ways but it is always regarding something from the past. Where does the past exist? ONLY in our minds. Blame does not rectify, identify or mitigate an event from the past. Blame in fact only has negative connotations. Blame has never and cannot ever solve the past. The word blame is as useless as the act of blaming. The present gets put on hold and nothing positive is accomplished.

“The soul raised over passion beholds identity and eternal causation, perceives the self-existence of Truth and Right and calms itself with knowing that all things go well.”dog

Responsibility, on the other hand, is positive. We accepted the past as it is and move forward with that knowledge to create a different and hopefully better outcome.



The future is therefore created…lincolnthrough accepting responsibility.

Only responsibility can move us into our future towards our destiny.

Here is where I stopped to reflect. Is the past a bad thing? It just is. What we do with it is the important thing.

If we looked at our existence as a coin; a side (the Past), an opposite side (the Future) and a middle (Us).

If we took a thin slice of either side of the coin that side would still be there and so would the middle. It’s all relative. How big to we want our NOW to be is inversely related to the depth of either side.

We can do two things when reflecting on moments in the past. We can dwell or we can savour. Which action do you think is more desirable?

Recognising what a specific event can stir within us can help us. If “Dwelling” over an unhappy or unfortunate event make you feel the negative emotions again, why “dwell” there?

If “Savouring” a wonderful or special event makes you feel the positive emotions again, why not “savour” them?

We are creatures of habit and these can be good or bad habits. We also know that a habit is most easily changed through replacement since nature does not accept a void and must fill it with something. By consciously utilizing savouring we let dwelling atrophy and die away. I choose to  savour the wonderful moments of the past…period.savouring

If you wish to learn how to live life in forward gear with good fuel start with our 7 day mental diet. What could it hurt?

Your thoughts are cherished, please share.



Week 20- revisited – Please!!! Ask for my opinion!

This post came up several times this week so I thought it would be fun read again! – WS

Week 20 – Please!!! Ask for my opinion!

I’m so glad you asked.

I feel like I have said this before… but here goes…I am having an eye-opener week.

Stepping-out-of-our-comfort-zoneThe difference is I have an opinion this time. It’s this Comfort Zone thing.

When I really started to comprehend how negative emotions and situations define the paradigms of our lives everything else started to fall into place.

How elegantly simple!

This “Comfort Zone” is our space, mentally; spiritually…It’s where we live! Now that’s a premise I can visualize.


Here’s that opinion thing coming…Let’s imagine that we have our home and we are comfortable. Is that where we want live the rest of our lives? We have explored every corner, nook and cranny. Then one day we find a window. There’s something going on just outside our comfort zone! There’s a magnificent view that is sadly obstructed by the very walls that define the “Zone”.

But I like my comfort zone; it’s just not expansive enough. The light bulb comes on! Renovations are in order. I will make my comfort zone bigger to hold my dreams, goal: my Definite Major Purpose in life.renovations1

This week we are asked to take our negative thoughts and use them to build a positive. I love this home but it is too small for the person I intend to become. I am building additions to my comfort zone. I am expanding my square footage to encompass the life I envision.


So, in my opinion, I don’t need to leave my comfort zone. I simply need to get passed the negatives; the fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feelings and anger, plant my stake to where I am going to expand and get building. As with every renovation there are set backs and challenges but that does not deter us from our final goal. We do not stop the project just because we hit our thumb with the hammer or we dropped a nail on the floor.Sorry-60

So…whatever challenges and obstacles we face in our comfort zone renovations are merely inconveniences.

And the most wonderful aspect of this project is the scope of the expansion is infinite!familybridge

   I guess I have to build a bridge and get over it!


Thank you for visiting. I am infinitely grateful for your visit. Your thoughts are cherished here.

Week 16 – Being Kind, Being One, Being.

Week 16 – Being Kind, Being One, Being.

The challenge to give, receive and observe kindness is interesting. I find that an almost absurd task. It’s like observing one of the senses in us and others.

Upon reflection I find that when I am in a natural state of being, kindness just happens…the smiles, the gestures and even the acts come naturally. In fact, NOT doing this is the unnatural act.

I did something different this week. I would normally write my blog and then dress it up with some relevant pictures or other content. This week I started by looking for pictures to inspire me.

Since it is said a picture is worth a thousand words then this blog is much too long. I enjoyed these photos. These are only a few of the ones I viewed. Although many more could have been added.Peacocks-like-to-show-their-feathers-resizecrop--

I observed nature’s kindness and beauty.

he true power is LOVE.True-Love-resizecrop-- Play-peek-a-boo-for-all-ages-resizecrop--Playing Peek-aBoo and giving a helping paw.Buddiesforever-resizecrop-- Sleeping-buddy-resizecrop-- Compassion-starts-early-in-life-resizecrop--

Best-friend-sever-resizecrop--Best-photobomb-resizecrop--We are all born with abundance of love and kindness…and we all have it inside us. If we didn’t have it inside, we could not recognize it in the world without.

<The seal photobombs the penguin picnic

Look around you and see the beauty, love and kindness that is within you.Brother-for-sale-resizecrop--

 Your thoughts are cherished here. Please share.Cute-wink-to-you-resizecrop--

Week 15 – Eureka!

Replay from one year ago:

Week 15 – Eureka!

I have been learning the power of the Law of Giving and Receiving. I have seen it first-hand. Yet each time I experience this powerful law I stand in awe of its ease and simplicity. Once again I must thank, my wise beyond his years, 8 and a half year-old for drawing out some long overlooked wisdom.

We were having an interesting discussion about giving and receiving. He loves when we make up riddles so we tried this one.

smileQuestion: What can you give away once to 10 people and get it back ten times?

Answer: A smile!

I put this together with Master Key 15-4 “…for each of us is a complete thought entity and this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give.”

Here I realized the magic of giving. We get back so much more. And since we are “Whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” … the good stuff we are receiving must naturally displace something in our being. We cannot shovel out darkness. We simply bring in the light and darkness scurries away. By expressing principles we surely and naturally displace negativity.

240px-Archimede_bainGoing back to the title of this blog, “Eureka!”   Archimedes, in the third century B.C. was tasked with ensuring  the crown for Hiero of Syracuse had the same amount of gold in it as the pure gold that was supplied to the goldsmith. He noticed that while getting a tub filled with water the level rose in direct proportion to the part of his body he submerged. This is the basic law of displacement of volume.

raysWe are like that tub full to the brim with all we are in this Universe. In order to bring anything in there must be room made. We do this by giving. As we see with a smile the selfless act of giving makes room for a flood of receiving. The excess needs room, too. Bring in the light and darkness is gone.

The gratitude cards and the special moments we are logging are our inventory. We must know and revel in the fact that all these actions and choices we have made and continue to make are our ingredients for uniqueness. Whatever changes we make are completely ours alone. No other entity in the Universe can make the exact change. Therefore, our uniqueness is intact.


Week 12 – I Fought the Laws and the Laws Won

Week 12 – I Fought the Laws and the Laws Won

This is my second time growing through the Master Key Experience. I did not make a typo. I mean “growing”.

I am finding myself stopping and really dwelling at certain points; drilling down, turning around and striving to grasp as much insight from each and every word. Then listening to the webcasts and reading between all the words.

This last two weeks I have lived in the Seven Laws of the Mind.

Two pages that in themselves seem simple and straightforward yet each has volumes written in attempts to understand, or as W. Clement Stone called it R2A2. Recognize, Relate, Assimilate and Apply.WClementStoneandNapoleonHillSuccessThrough

The Laws are always in play. We are always under their watchful eye. The trick, if you want to call it so, is the R2A2. We either work with the laws or work against them. The law is there in every breath we take, every move we make yes…in every choice we make.

These laws are as true as the Laws of Nature. We are always subject to gravity. We can succumb…stumble and fall, or we can create machines to harvest it and fly. But the Law is there.

While doing research I came across one person’s journey with the Seven Laws of the Mind.  it shows perfectly how we can be puppets or masters in our journey.

The Laws always prevail. We just choose which side of the laws to live on. Choose well but choose. By not choosing we lose be default.

Your thoughts are cherished…please share.

Week 10 – Offence or defence?

Week 10 – Offence or defence?

I had challenging week which I could have made worse if not for The Master Key journey.  Mortality is hovering over my family. I am blessed to have both my parents still with me on this plane of existence. In their 90’s, they are in their 72nd year together as husband and wife.couple-7  They are slowing down as The Universe decides where they shall go next.


Being part of this journey brings a certain level of comfort to me. I refuse to even imagine these days without what I have been learning within the MKMMA.


The introduction to Part Ten has kept me mesmerized.

”…nothing happens without a definite cause.”

“…every effect is the result of a certain definite cause,”

 And when an ordinary person “…seeks to console himself with explanations and excuses.


By not being a present-aware observer the average person does not understand personal responsibility.

By detaching ourselves from the event and tracing back to the true cause we will be better equipped to make better decisions thus using our ability to respond… to take responsibility. We stop thinking in only self-defence.

When we have knowledge of cause and effect we are able to share in the Natural Laws.  There are Physical Powers such as gravity and electricity, Mental power, our ability to think, reason, act etc. and Moral and Spiritual power, being one with our Source.

We are all proactive in a sense. We can choose to do or feel a certain way or we can decide to allow an outside force to choose what we do and feel. My point is that by making the choice ourselves we take responsibility, take action and move forward.  The bigger the leap the further you go.


When your desire is intense you’ll jump in the water. You’ll figure out how to swim once you’re in.

You can’t swim in midair.


Thank you for your visit.

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