Grade A Choice – MKMMA 2015 Week 1

MKMMA2015 Week 1



Our lives are a series of choices and decisions. Completely within our control.


What I have found is I make my decisions based on what the perceived consequences are to me and the Universe. This has been a great leap forward for me in my journey. Even though as part of this cosmic family of energy it is all about me. In a roundabout way.

Taking responsibility for each day or each moment is powerful.

The first step was starting this journey and completing it.

The next was guiding the next class on their journeys.

Then having a huge part of my DMP manifest by moving to Costa Rica.

And now being a Certified Master Guide and guiding not only my own wonderful tribe but also assisting the next generation guide with his tribe and their journeys.

So as we travel on this cosmic plain together we can laugh, cry, sing and most of all dream together knowing that we all have each other’s back. True harmony within a true master mind.Capture

The magic is in the Dream. The bigger the dream the greater the magic. With so many dreaming together we are unstoppable!

Your thoughts are cherished. Please share.

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