My MasterKey Experience MKX Loves YOU!

Who loves you, baby? Master Key Experience, that’s who.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that there’s more to life than where you are now and where you’re going? Or, the big connection is just out of reach, around the next bend, over the next hill, etc?

past futureThere are many programs around that paint a rosy picture that all you have to do is think and dream and wish really hard and you will have everything you want. To make things worse if you aren’t achieving your goals they admonish you for not trying hard enough.

Come on now! It’s your future. Why would you do anything less than all you can?

Truth is simple. A dream without a working plan is a nightmare.

dream but

We all have dreams and the Master Key Experience provides the plan and tools. You provide the work.

As with everything in the universe there are balances that are in place to keep all the parts moving properly. All are in relation to each other. You need up to have down; over here to have over there and there are pros and cons to The Master Key Experience.

What I found is that my life, to this very moment as I am writing this blog, is the grand accumulation of EVERY choice I have ever made in my life. Here’s the good news and the bad in one statement. I have choices…always. We all do. I don’t buy the excuse “I had no choice.” We make our choices based on our perceived consequences of the choices. Handle it!

Let’s be blunt. Do you have the cojones to accept that you are in charge and there is no one to deflect your results on?

My family is living our dream life in Costa Rica because we tipped the quantum mechanics of the Universe in our favour.

be the change

As Ghandi stated so emphatically, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Not choosing is still a choice.

What are you doing (or not doing) to influence Your Future?

What will you gain?

You will take control of your life.

Create any reality within the natural laws.

Live in harmony with your surroundings.

The downside is;

Only you are responsible for your circumstances. No finger-pointing.

You must choose your thoughts wisely 24/7. They are your reality.

You will need to keep up with the pace you create. Watch the road and all the signs.

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8 thoughts on “My MasterKey Experience MKX Loves YOU!

  1. Maria Reimertz

    I so much agree with everything you write about choices. We all have them and if we pretend we don´t we´re just not taking responsibility. I loved to read this! Thank you!

      1. George Pauli

        Walter and Carol, we all know after the 6 months it’s just starting, it’s a life journey, and it is awesome! It’s so cool Walter that you and your Wife have moved to your dream location part of the world in Costa Rica, I hope to see you guys soon!

        Peace – George

        1. Walter Post author

          Thank you to all who believe. It’s all about the Master Mind. We hope to see in Kauai next year or you can come visit us in Costa Rica. You’re in charge.
          Creo, Walter


    The downside you present is a revelation, Walter. I’ve been a member of an organization called the Neothink Society since 2006. Both #MKE and Neothink emphasize the importance of being self-directed. Neothink calls this self-leadership. While there are many characteristics exhibited by a true self-leader — such as using integrated honesty in all dealings with other people, and always striving to be a value creator — it is Frank R Wallace’s (the founder of the NT Society) “discipline, thought, and control” that come first to mind while considering your “downside” descriptors — which really are the upside of responsibility.

  3. Walter

    You will find that everything you learn and experience builds upon your past. This is a great foundation.
    The reality is that most people don’t grasp the concept that reality just “is”. The understanding and acceptance of this is the power we all wield.
    Journey on!


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