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The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted on New Year’s Eve 2016 by Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, which appeared in Success March 2016 issues,

Darren Hardy: I am sitting on what can best be described as the side of a mountain, in a lush tropical rain forest with a breath-taking view of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoying a very aromatic cup of local coffee with Carolynn and Walter Sokil in their family compound called Loud Smiles. This energetic, magnetic couple are living their dream life in Costa Rica where a few short years ago they were struggling to keep their tiny bungalow in Canada.Image

Walter, what can you tell our readers about these last three years?

WS: First let me say how thrilled we are having you and your readers in our home. Thank you for allowing us to share a bit of our journey. From our humble beginnings, struggling in network marketing to being so grateful for earning the honor of training thousands of people on living inspired lives.

DH: What was the ‘ah-ha moment’ that brought about this dramatic change?

WS: First was finding Mark J. and the Fabulous Davene. Through them we learned that Network marketing is a skill-based business. Then it was simply learning some easy, transferable skills that caused our momentum to jump into overdrive; learning, doing, teaching and coaching the education of duplication is the key.

DH: What drove you then and what moves you today?

WS: I guess it was the fact that we decided back then where we are today and know today where we are tomorrow.

We love helping others; finding people who want a different outcome for their lives then giving them hope and plan. I find it exhilarating talking with new people and improving with every interaction. Also, releasing unproductive time such as surfing the internet or watching TV which just boils down to watching others living their dreams while you put your dreams on hold.

For over a year Carolynn would be away from us half the time. Having her home with us since the spring of 2013 just feels right.

DH: As I look around and marvel at the beauty around us I must share with the readers what I see. Jump in if I miss something. The Loud Smiles property has three buildings that can sleep over two dozen guests, a pool in the courtyard, lush tropical flower gardens and many lovely nooks. I see quite a few people on the grounds but it doesn’t feel crowded.

Can you share a few of the milestones along this journey? How you felt when you accomplished them.

WS: Well Darren, most of the people you see are friends and colleagues and their families. We invite them to relax and enjoy what they too can have if they help enough people get what they want. We do this for half the year.

There are personal and business milestones that come to mind. From a personal point this home and adding our little daughter, the little sister Gregory always wanted before his 10th birthday just melted my heart. I can say unequivocally Darren, the most beautiful sound in the world is children laughing, giggling and squealing with joy. I always have the time to get in there and play with them.

You can see a village down to the right. We are able to fund and maintain a trust that helped them with a new clinic, fixed the school and provides a scholarship program for local kids to attend university.  That all happened before Carolynn’s birthday in September 2015. That same year we hit a 7-figure income from Network Marketing. I had tears of joy showing my 90-year-old parents what we had done.

Back in the spring of 2014 we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on the beach in Kauai. Being able to replace Carolynn’s engagement and wedding rings made me feel 10 feet tall and king of my world!

It all comes down to being grateful for the entire journey, the ups and downs and most important, always keeping my promises.

DH: Just one more question in closing. Now that you are here today, without too much minutia, can you share what your typical day might consist of?

WS: Certainly! Are you ready? Every morning I feel rebirth as the rain forest awakens to the sun climbing over that mountain. And every evening the night sounds return to a glorious sunset over the Pacific that lingers then wraps me in stars. I sit just over there (points to an extension of the patio over a ravine) and meditate as the Milky Way transforms into a river of whitewash overhead. I get intoxicated by the spiced fragrance of the night blooms that lay oh so heavy in this moist tropical air. That’s it!

That is my typical day. All along I give thanks knowing, with full confidence that for generations to come my family has unlimited choices in life.

DH: Walter, Carolynn I know that I am inspired by Loud Smiles and what you continue to accomplish each day and I know that our readers will have found a bit more to grab on to every time they need to pull themselves up again. We at Success wish you and your team continued success.

WS: Thank you Darren for allowing us to share.

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  2. Valeska Harraud

    Do you have a harbour? Think that sailing there would be the frosting on the cake!!!! I’ll bet even Mark J and the Fabulous Davene might consider a relocation after reading this!
    Seriously, wonderful interview. Beautiful vision. The more you give, the more the Universe is able to give to you. Just be sure that you have great internet service so we can stay connected!!!


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