Week #11 – What’s your tracking number?

I’ll be blunt, until a few hours ago my thoughts were jumbled as to what my blog would be this week. Then… ideas came in tsunami waves! Along with joyfully working the MKMMA course I have been reading The Spiritual Laws of Success by Chopra, in particular the Law of Detachment. Powerful and it took the wisdom of my incredibly astute 8-year-old to demonstrate.

He has a good grasp of the Law of Cause and Effect (Kharma). He knows, without emotional attachment, that a lapse in judgement (cause) will bring about specific actions (effect).

He has complete faith that this is the Universe at work. He doesn’t ask how. He just knows.

Rural Free Delivery Mail Carrier 2In the same way that we order products from who know where then go about our business and the goods show up at our door. I don’t know if they came by goat, wagon, truck, boat, plane or all the aforementioned. In some cases I would get a tracking number if it was taking longer than I would like.

Well I have put in my order with The Universe; my Definite Major Purpose in Life. Did I request a delivery date? You better believe I did! Having seen some delivery dates come and go with only partial orders filled I began to question “Where was my order? Where’s my tracking number?”xoy8vhavxoy8vhavxoy8vhav

Then it hit me! I have my tracking number… had it for months. My Plan of Action…it’s all there. But there’s a simple catch. I have to enter the number each day, in full, to see where I am at getting delivery. Every day I fill in the number correctly I get to see where my order is. Miss a part of the number and I lose track of my order.

71_2The days I nail my POA with Enthusiasm I know where my order stands. The lesson I picked up from my exercise was clear. Put the order in and let the Universe provide through infinite possibilities. All I do is continuously persist in tracking; my POA.

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