Week 12 – I Fought the Laws and the Laws Won

Week 12 – I Fought the Laws and the Laws Won

This is my second time growing through the Master Key Experience. I did not make a typo. I mean “growing”.

I am finding myself stopping and really dwelling at certain points; drilling down, turning around and striving to grasp as much insight from each and every word. Then listening to the webcasts and reading between all the words.

This last two weeks I have lived in the Seven Laws of the Mind.

Two pages that in themselves seem simple and straightforward yet each has volumes written in attempts to understand, or as W. Clement Stone called it R2A2. Recognize, Relate, Assimilate and Apply.WClementStoneandNapoleonHillSuccessThrough

The Laws are always in play. We are always under their watchful eye. The trick, if you want to call it so, is the R2A2. We either work with the laws or work against them. The law is there in every breath we take, every move we make yes…in every choice we make.

These laws are as true as the Laws of Nature. We are always subject to gravity. We can succumb…stumble and fall, or we can create machines to harvest it and fly. But the Law is there.

While doing research I came across one person’s journey with the Seven Laws of the Mind. http://bit.ly/1zjnBKz  it shows perfectly how we can be puppets or masters in our journey.

The Laws always prevail. We just choose which side of the laws to live on. Choose well but choose. By not choosing we lose be default.

Your thoughts are cherished…please share.

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