Week 12 – Knowledge does not apply itself

Week 12 – Knowledge does not apply itself

OK…now I get it!

wish1Several years ago I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and thought, as many still do, that wishing can make anything happen. What a load of BS! There’s hard work involved. HARD WORK! She glosses over the work she had to do to have her dreams come together. Then she wrote The Power (love) and things started getting interesting. But still I was sitting, wishing and loving the wishes but life was not moving along as I thought it should.

Then I was blessed with The Master Keys and The Greatest Salesman in the World and the process started to make sense to me. Dreams and goals are the road map but until I fueled my vehicle with love (the burning desire) and actually started driving nothing was going to happen. As the world was moving ahead fear, anxiety and discouragement were getting the best of me.

wishing wellsI added this cartoon because it made me smile. Hope it does the same for you.

In 12-4 Haanel states, “The only way to keep from going backward is to keep moving forward.” There it is… the action! Keep moving forward!

This connects with persistence…Persistence fueled by that burning desire made complete sense. And I will only know how close success lies until I turn that proverbial corner.

We have all heard the axiom when looking for something that it’s always in the last place we look. Of course! If we find it right away it’s still the last place we looked. We are not privy to how many places we need to look or how many times we must confront obstacles before we find success.

The key is to persist. I cannot fail if I keep trying. Just expose me to the knowledge required to turn that corner sooner than later and I will do the rest. The payoff is worth all the work.

I always keep my promises!

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