Week 13 – The Day of the Dreamer has Come!

Week 13 – The day of the Dreamer has Come!

What a wonderful moment in time to be me…us, actually. What are we in the MKMMA if not the most fervent group of dreamers assembled? From all corners of the globe with diverse goals and dreams we have gathered in cyberspace to dream; not just our dreams but the dreams of others.

Our son received Despicable Me 2 as a gift and we had a movie night by the fire the other night. While watching I was observing the Reluctant Hero (Gru) as he gathered his group of helpers and mentors to travel his journey of discovery.


However, there was one other thing that I realized. The day of the dreamer was here. From the minds of the writers, creators, animators, etc. a world came into existence of material things. The marketing of the movie brought dozens of toys and figures to the shelves! (Gotta love the Minions)images

Let’s de-construct.

Consider first the hundreds of talented artists in many fields who were gathered to create this movie; the people around the globe that distributed the film; the designers of the toys; manufacturing, marketing and distribution. Each one of these alone involves thousands of individuals in hundreds of jobs. All this came about because someone dared to dream and imagine.


Now take our respective dreams for our lives as our personal growth is hopefully going to have a positive impact in many ways on the world. For example, if we are promoting a product or service to our customers look at what our dreams are causing in the material world. Products need to be produced, services need to be rendered, all these must be delivered and so much more must happen in the realization of our dreams.

By building our dreams we are not just building our own better world but helping countless others, with families of their own better their lives, too!

In essence, the dreamers of the world are creators of the world. And whose image are we created in? We are all the same as our Source. The only difference is a matter of degree.

Rejoice Dreamers! We are simply following the Master Dreamer. Our day is not only here but it has always been so.  Here’s the prescription for a great life;

rx symbol



Repeat as needed, minimum three times daily.


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9 thoughts on “Week 13 – The Day of the Dreamer has Come!

  1. Roxanne

    Love it!! Thank you for this reminder and comparison to real life. Wonderful. Wish you a wonderful New Year. I look forward to reading more in 2014.


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