Week 14 – Harmony (It takes two or more)

  Week 14 – Harmony (It takes two or more)

In musical terms one note can be beautiful but it cannot ever be a symphony. It takes a second note to compliment the vibrations of the first to create the basic structure of a chord thus harmony occurs. When other notes from various instruments are added the results become beautiful, breathtaking, soaring, inspiring and in some cases timeless! When I write ta-ta-ta-DAH, ta-ta-ta-DAH can you hear Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony?

As our lesson this week instructs to visualize harmony take a few minutes to ‘watch’ the harmony on the screen (recommended to watch full screen and use headphones). See the ‘Hero’s’ transformation around the 4:35 mark.  As you see the different vibrations work together realize the power we have. Pen to lined paper over 200 years ago being replayed in a medium that did not exist, heard by people who were not alive in his time.

Connecting our subconscious mind with the Universal Mind in harmony our scope is infinite as to the combinations of all the vibrations in existence! The wonder of Beethoven’s Fifth is dwarfed by the power we control.

We are nature’s greatest gift. In the symphony of the Cosmos and we are the composers, the conductors and key players, simultaneously. There is no person, before, now and in the future that could ever create OUR SYMPHONY!

As I watched two of the movies this week I made note of the many facets we are studying. I saw the Hero’s Journey unfold. I saw, in the Jamaican Bobsledders (Cool Runnings) and Homer (October Sky), persistence towards a clear definite major purpose. The alliances they needed to get through obstacles, the mentors and the semi-detractors they all had one thing in common throughout…HARMONY!


Mastermind alliances come in all shapes and sizes.

It seems to me that as we hurdle through the half-way point in our MKMMA every lesson can stand on its own to move me forward. However, I find that each new lesson builds upon the preceding lessons. I am seeing how critical it is to master and continually fine tune each one as we journey on.

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