Week 15 – Eureka!

Replay from one year ago:

Week 15 – Eureka!

I have been learning the power of the Law of Giving and Receiving. I have seen it first-hand. Yet each time I experience this powerful law I stand in awe of its ease and simplicity. Once again I must thank, my wise beyond his years, 8 and a half year-old for drawing out some long overlooked wisdom.

We were having an interesting discussion about giving and receiving. He loves when we make up riddles so we tried this one.

smileQuestion: What can you give away once to 10 people and get it back ten times?

Answer: A smile!

I put this together with Master Key 15-4 “…for each of us is a complete thought entity and this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give.”

Here I realized the magic of giving. We get back so much more. And since we are “Whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” … the good stuff we are receiving must naturally displace something in our being. We cannot shovel out darkness. We simply bring in the light and darkness scurries away. By expressing principles we surely and naturally displace negativity.

240px-Archimede_bainGoing back to the title of this blog, “Eureka!”   Archimedes, in the third century B.C. was tasked with ensuring  the crown for Hiero of Syracuse had the same amount of gold in it as the pure gold that was supplied to the goldsmith. He noticed that while getting a tub filled with water the level rose in direct proportion to the part of his body he submerged. This is the basic law of displacement of volume.

raysWe are like that tub full to the brim with all we are in this Universe. In order to bring anything in there must be room made. We do this by giving. As we see with a smile the selfless act of giving makes room for a flood of receiving. The excess needs room, too. Bring in the light and darkness is gone.

The gratitude cards and the special moments we are logging are our inventory. We must know and revel in the fact that all these actions and choices we have made and continue to make are our ingredients for uniqueness. Whatever changes we make are completely ours alone. No other entity in the Universe can make the exact change. Therefore, our uniqueness is intact.


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