Week 16 – Being Kind, Being One, Being.

Week 16 – Being Kind, Being One, Being.

The challenge to give, receive and observe kindness is interesting. I find that an almost absurd task. It’s like observing one of the senses in us and others.

Upon reflection I find that when I am in a natural state of being, kindness just happens…the smiles, the gestures and even the acts come naturally. In fact, NOT doing this is the unnatural act.

I did something different this week. I would normally write my blog and then dress it up with some relevant pictures or other content. This week I started by looking for pictures to inspire me.

Since it is said a picture is worth a thousand words then this blog is much too long. I enjoyed these photos. These are only a few of the ones I viewed. Although many more could have been added.Peacocks-like-to-show-their-feathers-resizecrop--

I observed nature’s kindness and beauty.

he true power is LOVE.True-Love-resizecrop-- Play-peek-a-boo-for-all-ages-resizecrop--Playing Peek-aBoo and giving a helping paw.Buddiesforever-resizecrop-- Sleeping-buddy-resizecrop-- Compassion-starts-early-in-life-resizecrop--

Best-friend-sever-resizecrop--Best-photobomb-resizecrop--We are all born with abundance of love and kindness…and we all have it inside us. If we didn’t have it inside, we could not recognize it in the world without.

<The seal photobombs the penguin picnic

Look around you and see the beauty, love and kindness that is within you.Brother-for-sale-resizecrop--

 Your thoughts are cherished here. Please share.Cute-wink-to-you-resizecrop--

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