Week 17-HJ Rare…Indeed!


Week 17-HJ Rare…Indeed!

I have been thoroughly enjoying this week. Taking a breather from the awesome pace of the Master Key weekly lessons is as refreshing as a cool drink from a spring that miraculously appeared along a grueling hike.spring




The pause is deceptive though. I have not stopped. I have built new habits, habits that have been steadily replacing the old blueprint.

Reading lessons 9 and 10 felt like I was visiting a dear old friend; the place was familiar but I had forgotten the layout. It all came back… quickly. Like remembering a song that hadn’t crossed my mind in ages but I was enjoying it as much as the first time.

Stepping back has allowed me to appreciate where was and how far I have traveled on this Hero’s Journey. The timing is perfect.

Arriving at the end of The Scroll marked IV I am noticing two things that some would say are the same in some way. I am a better observer and at the same time things and events are coming into my life that here at the right time.

One example happened last night. My incredible Angel, Carolynn came across an interview of Robert Downey Jr. by Sam Jones. I must say up front that I have always found Mr. Downey a fascinating personality. But listening to him in this casual forum answering excellent probing questions was mesmerizing. This is a man who has been on his own journey of discovery his entire life and has become an astute observer along the way.


May I share a few of his observations?  When asked if he felt anxious when approaching a role he answered, “Anxiety is relative… it’s being conscious of how much you’re avoiding preparation.”



What a perfect observation!



He talked of his acting skills and those of his peers frankly admitting that he learns from others and incorporates what he learns into his own “thumbprint”.

Thumbprint!  Did I just learn that I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle? I am rare! How much more rare can I be than a thumbprint? None before, none today and none in the future will ever have my thumbprint!


blue thumb

     I leave My imprint on this Universe like no one else can.


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