Week 18 – Courage?

Week 18 – Courage?

I have had a very interesting week. Highs and lows, mostly of my own making; alright, I’m responsible for all of it!

We read this week we only exist as we relate to the whole, others and society. It is a perfect symbiotic relationship. We are because of our environment and our environment exists only as we create it. There’s that wonderful Law of Attraction flaunting its beauty and power.

Why is it that everyone acknowledges, respects and utilizes other laws of nature so easily and yet most people miss the most powerful law of all…Attraction?

globe-world-speed-zoom-blurWe are living within these laws regardless of our awareness. Do we decide in the morning to seek gravity? It just is.how-fast-the-earth-is-movin Do we notice when we are still we are travelling through space at a rate of 66,600 mph! Add to that fact, at the equator the surface rotation is 1,070mph! Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about all this motion happening.

Why do I bring these facts to you? They are to show that we exist as we are only because of the direct relationship we have with EVERYTHING…not what we pick and choose.

WE ARE, or as in the title of Tom Shadyac’s film “I Am”.

Here are a few more scientific facts that show how connected we are with the Universe,  http://bit.ly/1lM3Vho

This brings me back to the title of this week’s blog, “Courage?”.

This week I am looking for courage around me and within me. We have learned that for us to see a virtue without we must have it within. I was not having as much success in my quest this week as I did in the previous weeks. I asked myself why.

The definition of courage is ‘the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous.’ This helped me to start seeing courage in others and in myself. I was looking for extreme, overt acts yet I now find that each day when I watch my son cross the street by himself, look both ways, look again and then make his move I am witnessing courage.lions-courage2 He is making decisions based on his knowledge of the Laws of Nature; speed, distance, velocity, momentum, etc. using them and trusting them to be true. Does it matter that every object he sees is travelling over 66,000mph? No. What matters is his relationship in time and space to those objects. Smart kid!



I see now that courage is not the absence of fear but the acceptance of Nature’s laws and then the ability to act in the face of challenges, obstacles or even tremendous danger (whether real or perceived).119-courage-do-on-ebrave-thing-today-then-run-like-hell

So as I begin to look within I see more acts of courage that I never considered courageous before and today I see more courage in the daily acts of others. The greatest act of courage I see now is to love…love those and that which is the most difficult and challenging to love. You will fill your world with so much more love.

Enjoy this parting thought…


… smile at a stranger

… listen to someone’s heart

… drop a coin where a child can find it

… learn something new, then teach it to someone

… tell someone you’re thinking of them

… hug a loved one

… don’t hold a grudge

… don’t be afraid to say ” I’m sorry ”

… look a child in the eye and tell them how great they are

… look beyond the face of a person into their heart

… make a promise, and keep it

… call someone, for no other reason than to just say ” Hi ”

… show kindness to an animal

…stand up for what you believe in

… smell the rain, feel the breeze, listen to the wind

… use all your senses to their fullest

… cherish all your TODAY’S


Thank you for taking a few precious minutes in your day to visit. Blessings, love and abundance.

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7 thoughts on “Week 18 – Courage?

  1. Wes Smeigh


    Great post, I NOW have more of an understanding of courage. As you point out courage is all around us by understanding Nature’s Laws. I never looked at courage as you described it, watching our sons cross the street. I especially love the parting thoughts! All of the parting thoughts we should be preforming everyday without a second thought! Nice post!

  2. Joe couto

    Really enjoyed your post on how we relate to all natural laws. Some people think it takes courage to share your feelings, so go ahead and mark up Franklin’ makeover. You deserve another dot.

  3. Cherry Dunn

    Your blog is really good. I love your parting thought – I hope you don’t mind – I have copied it and going to post it up near my computer a great daily reminder. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Walter Post author

      I am so pleased that you are using the parting thoughts. These are gleaned from several sources…so I guess they belong to all of us now!


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