Week – 19 Observe

Week – 19 Observe

This week’s lesson introduction opens with “Fear is powerful form of thought…” That said, I witnessed not just extreme weather paralyzing the eastern United States but more so fear paralyzing normal rational human beings.

Stepping back, I realized how much I have grown when faced with choices. Being a student of Dr. Bob and Bill Wilson for over two decades I learn and live by the Serenity Prayer. May I share this simple yet powerful lesson?SP

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

The first two parts are simple when we get fear out of the equation. However, the last part must come from within…from the deepest part of our being.

Along with millions of others I was part of this week’s winter weather event…all of us experienced the same event yet I observed millions of different choices being made as to how to react/respond to the event. Some became ‘Chicken Little” and declared the sky is falling (Okay, it was)

snow palms childSome looked on and enjoyed the incredible beauty and experienced what Mother Nature offered…a chance to stay home with our families, play in the snow, make a snowman under a palm tree, make a snow angel, catch snowflakes on our tongue and nose…be children with our children.kermitangel








While others stubbornly tried pushing back against Nature and do our daily routine of going to work on snow covered roads. (Here’s where network marketers can be grateful for working from home and residual income.)

I saw people fretting and cursing over the weather. I saw acts of kindness, big and small…helping someone cross a slippery patch, clearing snow from a neighbour’s driveway, offering assistance to strangers. I saw people giving up their spots in line while waiting for hours for a taxi from the airport. I saw so much kindness that my log was filled.

Through all this when I finally arrived at my hotel I realized that not once did my fear and anxiety levels go up! I was reaping the benefits of being the observer…accepting what I could not change…having the courage to affect change where possible…and the greatest gift of all for being the objective observer, I am gaining wisdom to know the difference.

I give blessings to all who made lemonade from nature’s lemons and multiple prayers and blessings to those who have yet to find the Bliss in managing The Law of Dual Thought.

 Thank you for the visit! Please share and pray for all to find the joy in this day…for it may be our last. If it is not, then give thanks for the new day we have been blessed to enjoy.


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10 thoughts on “Week – 19 Observe

  1. Carolynn Sokil

    Great observations Walter and so eloquently explained. Having watched your growth over the past few months I am most grateful for the blessings this course has brought us both. Especially because I get to share this with YOU!

  2. Dan & Jeanna Swiatkowski

    Walter the choices we make everyday are incredible. You are absolutely correct. The ability to the know the difference between what we can control and what we can’t does lie within us. All too often we feel that we can control every nanosecond of our lives when in all reality all we really can control is our own thoughts and actions. Thank you for your reflection.

  3. Wes Smeigh

    I enjoyed your post as I was apart of the weather event here in the Northeast. I however, caught myself getting caught up in the negative side of the weather event until I recognized that there was absolutely nothing I could do about the weather! So I started over and relaxed my thoughts and…I observer similar situations and witness a RAoK as a neighbor use his snowblower to clear my driveway and sidewalks. I was so elated that I want to repay the RAoK.

    I am totally impressed with AA and the great work they do. I find the similarities very remarkable between AA and the Master Key. The changes that they strive to accomplish and the charges we are striving to accomplish are so similar that you would think that they shared information. I guess the takeaway from AA is “one day at a time.”

  4. Carolyn

    Walter, I enjoyed reading your blog and insights. It is such an amazing journey we are on!!! This reminds me of on of my favorite parts of our MK reading this week, “We can fail to recognize this world within, and so exclude it from our consciousness, but it will still be the basic fact of all existence; and when we learn to recognize it, not only in ourselves, but in all persons, events, things and circumstances we shall have found the “Kingdom of heaven” which we are told is “within” us.” Charles Haanel
    Thank-you for sharing and for being an example of possibility! Carolyn (the other Carolyn)

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