Week 2 – Are you in control yet?

Without realizing it I have been student of the mind for many years. I’m not claiming to be an honours graduate student but a student nonetheless.

In a former life I earned my keep as musician/writer. As such I needed to understand how the mind works so that I could create a pleasing and commercial combination of music and lyrics. In the music industry they are called “hooks”. That critical part of a piece that grabs you holds you and keeps you coming back for more

emotional hooks

At that time this student only knew that a successful tune required this component. I did not understand the elegant mechanics of the subconscious mind that were involved. I believe that Charles Haanel could have been the most successful song writer of all time had he applied himself to this craft.

As I am learning today from the Master Key Experience communication is the life blood of the Universal Mind; communication through thoughts, words, actions, feelings and living in general. Because all communication starts with a thought and we now know that thoughts can be controlled who or what is running this show?

Mike Dooley says “Thoughts become things…Choose the good ones”

If we allow our mind to wander our lives become chaos. Corral our thoughts and focus on the right things and our results are extraordinary!

So I go back to the opening. Who, or what, is running your facility? Are you allowing your AutumnLeavesBlowingthoughts to wander and become an autumn leaf in the November winds? Or are you taking back control from the world without and creating your within first?

Not sure? It’s all a matter of cause and effect. Effects being the results of cause (thoughts) are the exact measure of the thoughts you have. Period. Not happy with what you have or where you are in life? The good news and bad news is: These are the direct results of your previous thoughts and actions.

As George Zalucki says, “Want to be Happy? Think happier thoughts!”

Either take control or give it away. It is simply our choice.

Your thoughts are cherished here. Please share.



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One thought on “Week 2 – Are you in control yet?


    I’ve been wanting to call you CAPTAIN, Walter. Now I know the reason why (or, at least, one of them), Master Hook AKA CAPTAIN HOOK


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