Week 2: This is FUN

As I enter my second week of the MKMMA I am finding a rhythm in daily routine. Knowing that old habits can only be replaced by new habits makes the process much easier. When days are filled with the right actions and right thoughts they can’t help but right ON!

I am leaving on a week long business trip tomorrow morning and am looking forward to not only expanding my team but expanding my understanding of who I am becoming. My wife and son are supportive and understand that entrepreneurship is doing for few short years what others aren’t willing to do so that we will live like  others never will for generations. As I left last evening for a meeting my amazing eight-year-old hugged me and said, “Daddy, go help a thousand people make their dreams come true.”

I won’t be home with my family for Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend. However, I firmly believe that we will have many more days together in the near future while others are bound to their jobs. This is the road we have chosen and will continue to apply ourselves until we arrive.

The right people are not only appearing in my life but they are actively adding to our abundance! We give from abundance and receive with undying gratitude.  This action honours the givers for their efforts and blesses all parties for continuing the flow of positive energy in the Universe.

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