Week 20- revisited – Please!!! Ask for my opinion!

This post came up several times this week so I thought it would be fun read again! – WS

Week 20 – Please!!! Ask for my opinion!

I’m so glad you asked.

I feel like I have said this before… but here goes…I am having an eye-opener week.

Stepping-out-of-our-comfort-zoneThe difference is I have an opinion this time. It’s this Comfort Zone thing.

When I really started to comprehend how negative emotions and situations define the paradigms of our lives everything else started to fall into place.

How elegantly simple!

This “Comfort Zone” is our space, mentally; spiritually…It’s where we live! Now that’s a premise I can visualize.


Here’s that opinion thing coming…Let’s imagine that we have our home and we are comfortable. Is that where we want live the rest of our lives? We have explored every corner, nook and cranny. Then one day we find a window. There’s something going on just outside our comfort zone! There’s a magnificent view that is sadly obstructed by the very walls that define the “Zone”.

But I like my comfort zone; it’s just not expansive enough. The light bulb comes on! Renovations are in order. I will make my comfort zone bigger to hold my dreams, goal: my Definite Major Purpose in life.renovations1

This week we are asked to take our negative thoughts and use them to build a positive. I love this home but it is too small for the person I intend to become. I am building additions to my comfort zone. I am expanding my square footage to encompass the life I envision.


So, in my opinion, I don’t need to leave my comfort zone. I simply need to get passed the negatives; the fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feelings and anger, plant my stake to where I am going to expand and get building. As with every renovation there are set backs and challenges but that does not deter us from our final goal. We do not stop the project just because we hit our thumb with the hammer or we dropped a nail on the floor.Sorry-60

So…whatever challenges and obstacles we face in our comfort zone renovations are merely inconveniences.

And the most wonderful aspect of this project is the scope of the expansion is infinite!familybridge

   I guess I have to build a bridge and get over it!


Thank you for visiting. I am infinitely grateful for your visit. Your thoughts are cherished here.

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