Week 22 – Keeping an Even Keel

Week 22 – Keeping an even Keel.

Characterized by stability or consistency. Level from fore to aft and port to starboard.

indexWe know that all nature is subject to cycles; the seasons, plants live and wither to leave seed for the next season, rain to quench the earth through the next drought, day to warm us from the night which returns just in time to cool and comfort us. As we are part of nature we too are subject to this immutable law.

Having conscious knowledge of this fact gives us power to not just influence but unequivocally control our thoughts through our actions.

When negative, energy-sucking thoughts enter (as they will) the simple ACT of defiance tempers the slippery slope so as to give us the ability to ‘right the ship’. As the act of bringing even the softest light into a darkened room scatters the darkness.

The same goes for the equally energy-sucking, ego-centric plaudits we can heap on ourselves. The following quote from Og Mandino sums this up.

“…If I enjoy moments of greatness I will remember moments of shame…

If I become overly proud I will remember a moment of weakness.

If I feel my skills unmatched I will look at the stars.”

LOOK AT THE STARS…THE HEAVENS AND BE STILL. Are you kidding me? Is the Universe showing off?


The Universe just is.milky_way_milky_way_over_the_ocean_BA2923

Rejoice in your ability to experience the ride, As Mandino so eloquently espouses, “Only those with inferior ability can always be at their best…” And, you are not inferior.

sailsunsetThe sailing ship, which is you in your own journey in this existence, is most efficient when running with the wind from straight aft, all the sheets out full and the keel sitting flat and even in the water. Never is there an ill wind that can push you off your course. You use your actions to correct your course (thoughts).

Be proud of your story and be humbled by your journey.02112011neutrogena93

May the wind be at your back and may the sunset and YOUR stars light your journey.


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6 thoughts on “Week 22 – Keeping an Even Keel

  1. karen Krill

    What an inspiring post! Peggy is right. the analogies are excellent. Since I’m as visual learner the pictures are great for me – so beautiful. I use the sky in different visualizations so they are emotional for me. One of my favorite parts is when you talk about the act of defiance. I have a picture of myself putting my hands up and saying Stop. Thanks.

    1. Walter Post author

      My amazing Carolynn is very smart. 😉 That’s why I love being her arm candy.
      I thank you every day for your inspiration.


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