Week 23 – Self-Reliance, a good habit

The paper by Emerson on Self-Reliance is a powerful yet challenging to follow masterpiece of logic. Over the past few months I have been seeing the results of the mental work we have been doing. There are two points that have been resonating in my mind. I have been looking to put these thoughts into words and share with you my observations.blame game

The first point is comparing blame and responsibility.stop blaming Where does each of these actions lead us? Of what value are they in our journey? Let’s first understand that in our blueprint we start with thoughts. We know that thoughts become things so make your thoughts good ones. These thoughts are then fueled by belief into actions.

Let’s study blame. Blame is defined many ways but it is always regarding something from the past. Where does the past exist? ONLY in our minds. Blame does not rectify, identify or mitigate an event from the past. Blame in fact only has negative connotations. Blame has never and cannot ever solve the past. The word blame is as useless as the act of blaming. The present gets put on hold and nothing positive is accomplished.

“The soul raised over passion beholds identity and eternal causation, perceives the self-existence of Truth and Right and calms itself with knowing that all things go well.”dog

Responsibility, on the other hand, is positive. We accepted the past as it is and move forward with that knowledge to create a different and hopefully better outcome.



The future is therefore created…lincolnthrough accepting responsibility.

Only responsibility can move us into our future towards our destiny.

Here is where I stopped to reflect. Is the past a bad thing? It just is. What we do with it is the important thing.

If we looked at our existence as a coin; a side (the Past), an opposite side (the Future) and a middle (Us).

If we took a thin slice of either side of the coin that side would still be there and so would the middle. It’s all relative. How big to we want our NOW to be is inversely related to the depth of either side.

We can do two things when reflecting on moments in the past. We can dwell or we can savour. Which action do you think is more desirable?

Recognising what a specific event can stir within us can help us. If “Dwelling” over an unhappy or unfortunate event make you feel the negative emotions again, why “dwell” there?

If “Savouring” a wonderful or special event makes you feel the positive emotions again, why not “savour” them?

We are creatures of habit and these can be good or bad habits. We also know that a habit is most easily changed through replacement since nature does not accept a void and must fill it with something. By consciously utilizing savouring we let dwelling atrophy and die away. I choose to  savour the wonderful moments of the past…period.savouring

If you wish to learn how to live life in forward gear with good fuel start with our 7 day mental diet. What could it hurt?

Your thoughts are cherished, please share.



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