Week 23 – The Big Breakthrough!

Week 23 – The Big Breakthrough!

A few years ago I started reading Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. This book has a permanent place on my nightstand.

As we were breaking down the Law of Least Effort into action Home_Sweet_Home_by_Gemini_Soulitems and creating new index cards a warm, comforting flood of familiarity enveloped me, that feeling of Déjà vu; of being home.







Those of you who have been following my Journey may recall what I shared in week 19 – that I have been in recovery for over two decades and the cornerstone of this incredible journey has been The Serenity Prayer.

May I share once more these powerful words along with Law of Least Effort?

Follow along and enjoy the ride with me.

God, grant me the serenity to

1. Acceptance    accept the things I cannot change

2. Responsibility               the courage to change the things I can and

3. Defenselessness         the wisdom to know the difference.”

How elegantly Dr. Chopra expands on this Spiritual Law in his writings!

There are many moments in life that appear random. But as I have learned there is nothing random galaxy-background-40801_zps3e35a621about the order of the Universe. There is the constant, infinite dance around the nucleus of each atom, the moon around our Mother Earth, the planets around our Sun, our solar system around its black hole and so on.



“Everything happens for a reason” sounds cliché. But cliché’s are simply truisms that have been overused to the point of being trite. My personal journey has brought me to this point of understanding. When I live the Law of Least Effort my life is effortless!

The more I use this simple truth in my daily living the more my interactions become effortless. I cannot recall the last time I had a disagreement let alone an argument with anyone, including me. For what sane person would want to argue with themselves?


Who am I to think I can tell the Universe it is wrong? I have learned to accept today.

If today is not as I would like, I have two choices;

I can change what I am doing or change what I am expecting.

But, I cannot change what it is and in that same instant… was.

Why defend that which cannot be changed?

If I choose to look at things differently (accepting them, taking responsibility and being defenseless); things look different. Every time. cartoon


How simple!

I am grateful for your time to visit.








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11 thoughts on “Week 23 – The Big Breakthrough!

  1. Susan Hedgcock

    Walter: I am moved by what you share. Thank you for your candor. Your thought that “I can change what I am doing, or what I am expecting,” is going in my journal! I need to read that daily! It is not about mediocrity, but it is about accepting life as someone sees it.

  2. Cyndria Coaty

    I am still trying to figure out how the drawing in the box regarding perspectives actually shows what they each see. This illustration is a very good example. Thank you.

  3. Brian Norin

    I had a similar “Arguing with Idiots” experience a few weeks ago. One of the other engineers (in another department thank God) was trying to bait me into an argument. I just listened to his rant and let roll off my back without even raising my voice. It was almost comical as I thought to myself: We are supposed to be on the same side here, life is too short to argue over such small matters. By maintaining my composure, he eventually calmed down and became (somewhat) rational.

  4. Nancy Mills

    Love, love, love the “perspective” picture, Walter ~ “three!” “No, four” and they’re both right anyways :-) Beautiful, the way you’ve juxtaposed the Serenity Prayer with the Law of Least Effort. I’m soaking that one in, too, with sincere thanks for your transparent perspective. Wonderful journeying with you & your lovely wife.

  5. Peggy Pino

    Always good to read your posts. The words, photos and the neat perspective and insight always appreciated and glad you shared.

  6. karen Krill

    An eyeopener! I didn’t realize that I have been practicing the Law of Least Effort. I,too, don’t have arguments or disagreements with other – what a waste of time and it doesn’t solve anything. I rarely get upset, so my life goes along pretty smoothly. Occasionally I have a discussion with my self but in a loving constructive way. The wood puzzle is so perfect. Thanks for an inspiring post.


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