Week 24 – The Two BIG Questions…One Answer

Week 24 – The Two BIG Questions…One Answer

thinkingAll right now…it’s ‘fess up’ time. I have been working on the two questions separately and tonight I realized that for me there is only one answer!

Would it be OK if I back up a few months?

I worked on my Definite Major Purpose in Life very diligently. imaHoning, tweaking getting the correct, positive phrasing. I would sit and first think. Then imagine. And finally I would envision with all my senses where I believed my Dharma would lead me.



I lived the interview for my Press Release. I would recite with enthusiasm no less that twice each day how my life would be.

I now know that I did not concentrate enough on the journey. On-The-Journey-Of-LifeYes, it was there in writing. What I had done; the sacrifices, the commitments, the promises, there in black and white.

But when I put those questions to myself I really had to dig deep into my heart. I felt stumped! How could I have possibly arrived at this point in my journey and could NOT recall my first steps. Heck! I could barely remember backing out of the driveway.




Have you ever driven along a familiar stretch of road for a few minutes… sometimes half an hour or more, and realized that you cannot remember one signpost or landmark? That was me.




I got so good at living in the moment that I was there, two years down the road and I had forgotten the journey.

As I read the Scroll marked VI I made a note at the end;

“Be proud of your story and be humbled by your journey.”

I have returned!

So fast forward to the two questions I have been asking myself;

What am I pretending not to know?

What would the person I intend to become do next?

IknowR2A2 time!

I was pretending not to know what the person I intend to become would do next!

self-discoveryI am so grateful for the love and support I receive at every turn from my incredible Carolynn. I am blessed to have her spirit touching mine.

I look at the ” The cat/guy in the glass”.

Today I remember my journey, it is filled with her love, and I know what the person I intend to become would do next…and I am doing it. Journey-of-Self-Discovery-Inspired-Action-300x200Only actions that advance my Personal Pivotal Needs…Legacy and Liberty!


Onward with this journey of self-discovery!

the end

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7 thoughts on “Week 24 – The Two BIG Questions…One Answer

  1. Pravir Patel

    This was brilliant! You are a true inspiration to your family and your extended MK family. I am glad to have gotten to know you better and truly look forward to cheering you on through your journey!

  2. Carolynn Sokil

    Walter – we are both blessed to have met and be on this phenomenal journey together. Thank you for the shout out. Wonderful post. You always have a wonderful twist in store for your readers.

  3. Peggy P

    Powerful! Thank you for your honesty and sharing. This really helped me. Lots of good lessons here. And what a beautiful tribute to your Carolynn. :)


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