Week 5 – The Power of Words (rev)

Power of words

As I move through the reading of The Master Keys by Haanel I start to observe many things within me to which I have not paid attention before. It may be that not offering/having opinions for the week has cleared my mind. This seems plausible since the law of Dual Thought is in play at all times and if I was using so much of my time to formulate and offer my opinions I was missing the true essence of what this magnificent Universe has to offer.

babyheadphoesjpgOne such observation I had this week is putting together how the subconscious mind creates clarity or confusion based on what the outside world is presenting. We know that our subconscious is a perfect repository of all that we have experienced from the moment we became aware of our surroundings back in the womb.

Social proof abounds of children growing up and enjoying music that their mothers listened to while pregnant.  Even after the birth mother is no longer listening to that particular music the child still is drawn to that music.

This sudden clarity brought on another seemingly unrelated event. Here is a phrase that mostitysof have heard in some form many times. “How many times do I have to tell you….?” Or “I’ve told you (fill in the blank) times…” or “Everybody knows…”.  These simply are softer, subtler versions of “I told you so.”

I thought of these instances as to how our subconscious mind must respond. Being that  in our memory is everything we have been exposed to and experienced yet for some unexplained reason Subby can’t locate that particular file even though it has been told this “many times”. What’s a confused mind do? Nothing! And, to add to the mess, while searching everywhere now we’ve missed the information again!  This can become extremely uncomfortable for most individuals.

I just thought this was a cute use of words.


I have started a personal quest to eliminate such mind numbing phrases where they could cause discomfort or at least an anxious feeling. I find making people feel relaxed and appreciated gets more accomplished in a shorter time. Doesn’t everyone deserve that?

We wield great power over each other and in turn the Universe within the words we use and don’t use.wpid-friends

Respect that power. Use it wisely. Use it to weave an incredible life.

Thank you for your visit. Blessings!

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4 thoughts on “Week 5 – The Power of Words (rev)

  1. Lorencrazycraigtaylo

    “They’re only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.” This is the good side of theft, Walter. What you describe is how words can be used to steal another’s peace of mind. Others are more insidious and can possibly be interpreted either way. For example, “It’s not often easy. It’s not often kind. But baby do you want to lose your mind?”


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