Week 6 – The Mechanism

The Mechanism

What an elegantly simple description of the most incredible machine in the Universe.

It takes an idea and turns it into flesh (5-7)!

It controls “The Temple of God”. (6-14)

The “I” is the eye to and from the Universal. The mind, through evolution, has bits of hereditary information from before the time when our earliest ancestors first determined that walking upright might be a cool thing to do. Since then we have been accumulating every aspect of our existence. Filing, cataloging and prioritizing but can we discard any experience through existence? It would be like trying to un-ring the proverbial bell. It’s a done deal. Now the question is what will we do with this?

Knowing the control of this mechanism is in our hands or our thoughts to be more exact is good reason for mankind to be rejoicing. However, only a handful of human beings are using this simple truth and taking advantage of all the Universal has for us. The MKMMA is a grass-roots group that has been growing through the ages.

Can we as humans even begin to comprehend what limitless, infinite potentiality means? Imagine every time you think you have reached your limit you find more; more strength, more knowledge, more allies, more determination and more energy to go on. There is no limit to what we can do for our Universal fellow travelers and conversely no limit to what the Universal Mind will do for us.

Is the seed in the fruit or is the fruit in the seed? Once we understand that we are both we can fully utilize the power of being in either position at any given time and begin the process of creating our greatest lives, together, in perfect harmony. One day we are the seed. The next day we are the fruit.

November 11th Remember the love.

November 11th Remember the love.

I greet this day with love in my heart!

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3 thoughts on “Week 6 – The Mechanism

  1. Sue

    When we see how we are linked with and express Universal MInd, we see that our sisters and brothers do, also. We are all drops of the same ocean. No room for hate there. Putting the great mechanism to work will benefit all of humanity. Thanks, Walter, for sharing your thoughts.


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