Week 6 – Where the work is done.

Where the work is done.

Two statements from Part 6 of the Master Key kept drawing me back to read and ponder;

Intro) To be in tune with eternal truth we must possess poise and harmony within. In order to receivetransmitterintelligence the receiver must first be in tune with the transmitter.

6-11) …every beauty to which you respond must have its corresponding outline in your brain before you can appreciate it.

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I see the critical first step is to tune in to the right station. The only way to accomplish this is to become completely focused and AWARE of what surrounds us. Every form of energy emits a frequency. As we bring our thoughts into focus and keep in harmony with the Natural Laws we are able to “tune in” to the Universal.

This brings us to the second statement.

We’ve all heard the phrase “I’ll know it when I see it.” How is this possible? To know anything there needs to be some point of reference.

In last week’s blog I wrote of the ability of the human mind to log our existence from the moment of conscious awareness, iGvbTherefore, we have these reference points that the Subby has access to in billionths of a second.

We simply must form the habit of awareness. And awareness comes from focus and focus is the direct result of silence. Here’s the really cool part! Silence is the cornerstone of awareness!

So, here is where the work is done. When I form this habit I complete the natural chain. As I become more aware, a wonderful thing happens. Some call it the Vortex. I call it living a “right” life. Even if it is just starting with a few “right” moments, these moments can’t be undone.


As the habit strengthens so does the Vortex.

Gotta love good habits!

Thank you for your time. Your thoughts are cherished here. Please share.



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5 thoughts on “Week 6 – Where the work is done.

  1. Heather

    Silence is the answer. Many times, when I sit, I picture myself in a cave, looking out on the ocean. A place I’ve been, a place I love, a place of peace, love and happiness. These places exist everywhere and we don’t have to be there to appreciate and benefit from them. We just have to believe and sit in silence… and be willing to receive gifts from the “ether”


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