Week 8 – Imagine That!

Week 8- Imagine That!

Buddha said… “With our thoughts we create the world.”our world

WOW! Imagine that! He didn’t say we create OUR world. He said THE world.

When I was doing my deconstruction meditation exercise last night I decided to continue to the time of the Big Bang. I created that! As I learn more of the great mental world and of the Omnipotent (infinite potential), Omniscient (all seeing) and Omnipresent (all being) I am left breathless by the scope of my power. Not just my power but the incredible, infinite power of the MIND.

I cannot, I will not let this sit untapped. The work is being done with the complete belief that there are only two ‘pains’ a being can truly experience; the pain of hard work at my Dharma…  my Definite Major Purpose or the pain of regret for not putting in the work. The former is temporary while the latter is endless. As a student of the MKMMA I chose the former.

Until my rebirth in this program I didn’t understand the true meaning and value of Free Will. Now I see the operative word is FREE.




  1. able to act or be done as one wishes; not under the control of another.
  2. Not or no longer confined or imprisoned
  3. Able or permitted to take a specific action
  4. not bound in an atom, a molecule, or a compound.
  5. not subject to engagements or obligations.
  6. not subject to or affected by (something undesirable).
  7. given or available without charge.
  8. without cost or payment.
  9. using or expending something without restraint; lavish


  1. release from physical obstruction or restraint.
  2. Without cost or payment
  3. remove something undesirable or restrictive from


Whichever meaning I attach to the word it resonates within me and gives me the power to drive my will.

Now, IMAGINE the power each of us possesses! Couple that power with the understanding from the Sanskrit quote at the end of lesson eight. Today is “the very Life of Life”. Imagine the best day and live it.

All “your yesterdays are dreams of happiness and every tomorrow is a vision of hope.”

Make each moment a masterpiece and all your yesterdays, todays and tomorrows will be masterpieces.


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6 thoughts on “Week 8 – Imagine That!

  1. Able Tsang

    Thank you Walter! I learned something new. In response to people who disagreed with the way I viewed the world, I used to say that we lived in different worlds. Thus far into the MKMMA, I thought that maybe we just all created our own worlds. But I believe you are right. We don’t create OUR world. We create THE world.

    Powerful. Very, very powerful.


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