Week 9 – Being the child

note – This blog was first posted two years ago at this time in the Master Key class. I enjoyed seeing my growth to that point and loved looking at how far I have traveled.  Enjoy the journey. – Walter


I thoroughly believe all the right people will be reading this. Why? We know “I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy.”

How can we create a better world? By living that exquisite affirmation!

The power of the Law of Kharma kicks in when we take the next step…the step that really comes first.

From 9-25 of the Master Keys, “Whatever you desire for yourself, affirm it for others and it will help you both.” Simply put, cause and effect.

Now I understand that the cause must be visualized before it can be seen. Being blessed with an incredible person in my life, (disguised as an 8-year-old), I witness full-fledged, unfiltered and unencumbered visualization daily. His unbridled belief in his visions are a lesson in leadership of our world within.JUST TRY TO STOP ME

We all have these childlike qualities within us. Where are they hiding? They’ve been buried by family, friends, playmates, teachers, etc. The list is endless. All, for the most part, loving, caring, well-intentioned though misguided people in our lives from day one.

When I return to that child-like place in my life where all was mine; not if or maybe but WHEN, I am once again in harmony with the Source from which we all come. That being the case,” I can be what I will to be.” superFor since we are one with the Universe we are then omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Thus everything is possible!

I don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to do the right thing… always.

 I greet this day with love in my heart and I succeed.  

Your thoughts are cherished here, please share.



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5 thoughts on “Week 9 – Being the child

  1. lorencrazycraigtaylo

    Just a suggestion, Walter: I think a better title for your post might be “BOY IN THE MIRROR!” In the Neothink Society finding our “child of the past” is a key concept — as it obviously also is in MKMMA.

  2. Leanne Overlander

    I also have a child who has full-fledged, unfiltered and unencumbered visualization. It has been such a blessing and I am grateful to be able to appreciate how she sees the world. I hope that I can keep her that way for as long as I can.


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