What should we ask for?

What should we ask for?

I will start by acknowledging a lapse in blogging. This is not an excuse or blame but acceptance of responsibility.
As my time with Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World enters the final week of the Scroll Marked X I have given myself to engaging in my new DMP. So much is coming to me I am consumed with gratitude; to feel the drive and passion again.MountainOwl2

The prayer and preceding scroll stress a very critical component to life’s journey. We do not hear cries for wealth or bliss or even love. All these are earned through this one request,



I must become worthy and capable of the opportunities placed before me. This is where I ask for guidance. I accomplish everything of value by following guidance. This commitment is unwavering because persistence evolves into habits. And good habits create blissful lives.

best youIn my life I am constantly having moments of Guidance from The Universe. The choices I make at every turn are the results of following guidance or not. Perceived failures are there to guide me in a different, not a new destination.

Every journey with a clear destination is a series of adjustments, most small but some enormous.

I love guidance!

I am honoured to be trusted as a Master Guide in the Master Key Experience. To guide a new Guide who is guiding a tribe of scholarshipped travelers on their personal journeys.

Are there untraveled paths in your life? Do you know why?

Find your personal guide here.

Your thoughts are cherished here. Please share.


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