I have been blessed later in life with an incredible wife and the best kid in the world!
I am learning to help others achieve time and financial freedom and in the process creating a legacy for my generations.

This is of utmost importance since my Mom and Dad just celebrated 70 Years married! So Legacy and Liberty is something that I will not only pass on but be around to enjoy for a while longer, too!
Thank you Network Marketing!

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  1. Wes Mc'Farland

    Hi Walter, Sound as though you are having a great time with MKMMA. The first three weeks have been great, and the 26 weeks is just the beginning.we wil never stop growing, once the secret is within us.


    Hi, Walter.

    Great little “DIET” video.

    As I continue to unravel the mystery of Windows 10, this is one of the first places I’m leaving a footprint. Your “MKX Loves YOU” is the next stop on my itinerary.



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